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Geolocation has changed the way retailers interact with customers. As more and more mobile payment systems are adopted, the true value of mobile payments is more than just convenience. Consumers are beginning to adopt mobile payments as they’re exposed to valuable offers and discounts. With today’s geolocation technology, retailers can now drive consumers to their stores to shop and make purchases, without them having to wait in line. In addition, location positioning plays a key role in mobile payment as it immediately confirms the whereabouts of the customer and their proximity to the retailer.

HERE Technologies can help identify the location of mobile users on highly accurate maps to ensure payment is not fraudulent and can be carried out quickly. Retailers can create geofences to target consumers based on location and offer valuable promotions. This allows customers to pay quickly from their device and provide a route to pick up their purchase through express pick-up. Customized shopping experiences can be created for consumers based on their proximity to retail stores and outlets.


HERE Technologies does more than provide customers with directions to businesses – HERE Technologies provides services that can make their shopping experience easy, interactive, and, most importantly, secure.

  • The HERE benefits

    Increased loyalty

    Drive loyalty with special offers and incentives to customers making mobile payments, including express checkout.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Increased traffic

    Notify consumers when they’re in the vicinity of a retailer and drive traffic, with special promotions for mobile payments and loyalty programs.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Secure payment

    Ensure secure payment based on the proximity of the device.

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