Next Generation Automotive Services

The world’s first services created from real-time vehicle sensor data from multiple car brands

HERE has introduced next generation vehicle-sourced data services for the automotive industry focused on making driving safer, less congested and more enjoyable for billions of people around the world.

The HERE Open Location Platform is harnessing real-time data generated by on-board vehicle sensors, starting with data from connected Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars, to create a live depiction of the road environment.

The rich level of accuracy provided by these previously untapped vehicle sensors gives drivers more precise and timely information on surrounding road conditions with which they can make better driving decisions.

Ultimately, these types of data services will also support the real-time maintenance of the HERE HD Live Map and the broader market introduction of advanced driver-assisted systems and, later, autonomous vehicles.

The HERE Open Location Platform will process vehicle-sourced data related to:

  • Speed, direction and location of a vehicle

  • Hard braking, as denoted by sharp deceleration

  • Road construction, lane/road closures and traffic events such as accidents, as detected by the vehicle’s forward camera

  • Hazard light usage

  • Hazardous weather or road conditions, as determined for example by rain sensors, heavy use of windshield wipers, loss of tire traction or fog light usage

  • Traffic sign information, including permanent and temporary speed limits, as detected by the car’s forward camera

The power of data collaboration through the HERE Open Location Platform

HERE plans to make these four services available to any automaker, municipality, road authority, smartphone maker or app developer to license. As connectivity and vehicle sensor technologies become more pervasive across the industry, HERE also plans for other automakers to be able to contribute their vehicle data.


HERE CEO Edzard Overbeek at Paris Motor Show discussing HERE’s Open Location Platform and the world’s first services created from real-time sensor data from competing car brands.

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