At HERE Technologies, we have always believed that maps are the key to making sense of the world. But as the digital and physical worlds become increasingly connected, this map of the world is rapidly changing.

With every connected device or sensor capable of generating and sharing its context and location, it is data that will connect this complex new world. The question is how do we make better use of that data and transform it into useful services for people and organizations – all in real-time?

Our answer is the HERE Open Location Platform.

Built for a digitally connected physical world

The HERE Open Location Platform is powering the next generation of location intelligence. While it continues to provide the high quality location data services - map data, traffic, geocoding and more - for which HERE Technologies has become known, it now offers many more ways for our customers to create value for their organizations and their own customer base.

The HERE Open Location Platform is a multi-sided platform: ingesting, processing and analyzing data from multiple sources, encoding location-related information for people, places and things as well as deriving relationships between them. The platform is also open to third-party developers from different industries.

Empowering developers to create value through location

With a complete development environment, the platform gives developers access to a one-stop-shop for everything location-related as well as a place for them to make their own data and services available to others. In short, developers will be able to:

  • Consume data and services provided by other platform users to enrich their own applications and services
  • Provide the data and services they either bring into the platform or create within the platform for use in the applications and services of other platform users

The HERE Open Location Platform enables multiple participants – both producers and consumers of data and services – to connect to and interact with each other, and create and exchange value. In doing so, platform participants will build connections between industries, organizations and across borders, fostering an ecosystem around location data and services that benefits everyone.

2017: The possibilities begin with HERE Technologies

The ambition of HERE Technologies is for the HERE Open Location Platform to become the go-to destination for location services, and 2017 will provide an early look at what is possible. In the first half of the year, HERE Technologies plans to introduce the world’s first services of their kind to harness real-time vehicle sensor data from competing car brands, starting with data from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.

By interacting through the HERE Open Location Platform, these participating automotive brands are helping create services for drivers aimed at significantly reducing traffic congestion, enhancing the driving experience and cutting traffic accidents. Ultimately, these kinds of services will also support the broader market introduction of advanced driver assisted systems and, later, autonomous vehicles. There is more great innovation to come from HERE Technologies.

We will continue sharing more updates with you on our HERE Open Location Platform over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Pillars of Success

Our vision is for the HERE Open Location Platform to evolve into an ever more intelligent “brain” at the heart of new data-driven products and services in both our automotive and IoT sectors. The foundational pillars to all participants are:

  • Access to world-class assets

    Unprecedented access to industry-leading map content that has been augmented with pooled third-party data. Access to user-configurable location services as building blocks to jump-start innovation.

  • A modern platform experience

    A self-service and straightforward platform experience gives platform participants access to off-the-shelf services, data models, and analytic services that unlock new dimensions of location intelligence.

  • A truly open platform

    Access data from different industries, and of various types and sources, while maintaining data ownership and compliance with international consumer and corporate security and privacy standards.

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