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Go-to-market faster with the HERE Mobile White Label App.

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The HERE White Label App provides the perfect opportunity to create a custom-branded app with market-leading navigation and journey-planning features. The fully native iOS and Android White Label Apps power the performance, security, and user experiences that drive repeat usage. Organizations can tailor the White Label App to use specific brand colors and meet business requirements while minimizing expenditure on technology development, design, and infrastructure.

A self-developed app requires a substantial investment in development to make sure it runs smoothly. With the White Label App, thoroughly tested updates integrate automatically, ensuring the app remains at the peak of technology without any glitches.

Whether it’s the splash screen, the app icon on the home screen, the user interface colors, or even the color of the route lines, the White Label App can be transformed to align perfectly with any brand.

The Nearby feature integrates custom geographical content and related information such as name, location, and item description into the app. This extra detail can come from HERE’s default categories or even pull live data from a business’ own resources to create unique services for users. All Nearby data points are actionable so customers can view information directly in the app or click through to the original website, access booking links for hotels, restaurants, or tours, and share links directly with family and friends.

All HERE maps are now available offline, meaning customers can download maps of the area they need to access journey information and estimated arrival times. Customers get a seamless, uninterrupted experience – whether they are connected or not.

Product benefits

An app that has been tried, tested, and liked by users puts a business in prime position for building an engaged user-base.

  • Quicker and easier development

    Creating a new app takes a significant amount of development, which comes at a cost to engineers and development teams. Using an app that already has a reliable infrastructure makes launching fast and simple.

  • Faster time-to-market

    Speed up the time-to-market and reduce expenditure by customizing an app with a reliable infrastructure.

  • Keep customers happy

    Nearly 75% of all mobile apps are launched with bugs that cost time and money to remove; and disappoint valuable customers. Don’t risk launching an app that customers find frustrating. Rebrand a credible app that customers will want to revisit over and over again.

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