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“Range anxiety” is a common complaint for electric vehicle (EV) drivers: a fear of running out of battery life during their journey, resulting in being stranded without power. To erase this uncertainty and feel more secure, drivers need reliable sources of information on upcoming charging station locations, charger availability and station features.

The EV Charging service provides drivers accurate sources of information on where to find upcoming charging stations that best fit their needs, including details on connector availability, the desired connector type and pricing.

Product benefits

Drivers no longer have to worry about finding their next charging station with the EV Charging service.

  • The HERE benefits

    Better planning

    Drivers are better prepared for their journey by knowing where to find, and how long it takes to get to, EV charging stations.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Greater knowledge

    Continuously updated and comprehensive charging station information, including details on the name and location, connector types, number of connectors, hours of operation, acceptable payment methods and much more.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Wide coverage

    The EV Charging service is available in 39 countries and coverage includes 47,000 EV charging stations.

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