Personal Recommendations

Fusing traffic and sensor data for a personal touch

Driving is becoming more stressful as cities become more congested. In turn, drivers are expecting more assistance from their navigation systems. To be really helpful, these systems should be more responsive and able to understand and proactively assist drivers in different situations. What if common stress-causing issues such as refueling, parking and day-to-day traffic congestion could be addressed in an intelligent way?

HERE Personal Recommendations have been rigorously designed with one idea in mind:increasing the simplicity of decision-making while driving. HERE Technologies has developed three intelligent services to help make the driving experience more efficient and personal:

  • HERE Departure Alert proactively displays traffic conditions on the most common routes a driver takes. The service learns travel patterns – based on destinations, routes, time and location – and combines the information with HERE Real-Time Traffic to aid decision-making at the start of a trip.

  • HERE Personal Fuel Recommendations learns the fuel preferences of the driver and provides timely route recommendations based on:

    • The driver’s comfort zone for how far they travel on one tank of gas before refueling.

    • The driver’s preferred fuel brand and sensitivity to fuel pricing.

    • The distance and time required for the driver to get to a preferred fuel stop.

  • HERE Personal Parking Recommendations provides off-street parking facility recommendations when the vehicle is within 1 km of the destination, or around the driver’s location when a destination is not entered. Over time, the system learns the driver’s preferences in terms of price or walking distance to the destination.


Product benefits

Elevate the driving experience for your customers with these core Personal Recommendation features.

  • The HERE benefits

    Efficient journey planning

    Drivers no longer have to play the guessing game of when to depart, where to fill up with gas or how to locate parking along frequently traveled routes.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Personalized information

    Drivers receive parking and fuel recommendations based on preferences in price, station brand and end destination.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Reduced stress

    By removing the uncertainty in finding off-street parking, when to depart or finding fuel along drivers’ frequently traveled route, stressful driving situations are reduced.

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Get personal with your customers

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