Weather Service

Up-to-date weather conditions to improve safety and efficiency on the road

Drivers and fleet managers want reliable and current weather information to better plan daily travel and optimize truck routing. They need real-time weather information directly in their vehicles.

The HERE Weather Service informs drivers and fleet managers of current and upcoming weather conditions—regardless of their location.

It offers up-to-the-minute details on current weather conditions and weather alerts, as well as daily and hourly forecasts (up to seven days and 48 hours respectively) across the globe.


HERE Weather Service helps you forecast an efficient route and allows for drivers to be prepared for hazardous weather conditions.

  • The HERE benefits

    Save time

    Avoid driver delays due to treacherous conditions.

  • Discover the HERE benefits


    Optimize truck routes, workforce deployment or commutes to avoid hazardous weather conditions.

  • Discover the HERE benefits


    The service provides global coverage of current weather conditions.

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