HERE Data Lens

A visualization toolkit for fast deployment of data visualization on HERE Maps

Analyzing and drawing insights from vast amounts of data to make quick and informed decisions within a geographic context is a huge challenge for businesses and organizations. This challenge has led software developers to look for simple, cloud-based toolkits that allow them to quickly render and analyze large datasets and charts on a map which, in turn, helps their customers make better business decisions. HERE Data Lens identifies and isolates the relevant data to enable customers to analyze and identify trends, patterns and changes in their data.

Pictures and graphics, such as maps displaying activity by location, help people visualize and interpret the variation, patterns and trends contained in the data. HERE Data Lens allows for dynamic data sets, as well as queries and aggregations to take place. In addition, it provides a set of beautiful visualization libraries that can display query results in a more effective and interpretable way.

HERE Data Lens is a cloud-based set of tools that allow users to create visualizations of their data quickly and easily on the freshest and most complete HERE Map. With features such as customized styles, data storage and management, and interactive visualization templates, HERE Data Lens offers powerful capabilities made available through the HERE Data Lens Editor. Effortlessly upload large datasets and get instant visualizations directly on HERE Maps.

HERE Data Lens consists of three key components:

Easy data upload mechanism for visualizations of big data sets on-the-fly

APIs that allow you to customize certain visualization elements and give access to rich interactive map and chart visualizations

Already defined dashboards that include a high variety of filters and KPIs for rapid visualization and prototyping

Product benefits

HERE Data Lens is designed to help software developers and their business clients see the world with the kind of exceptional detail required when meaningful insights need to be drawn from their data.

  • The HERE benefits

    Exceptionally fast

    Build and deploy applications within days with an efficient development experience.

  • Discover the HERE benefits


    Utilize ready-to-use and easy-to-upload large datasets.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Highly customizable

    Create data visualizations with custom styles and use the Data Lens JS and REST services to build on top of already existing visualization libraries.

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