HERE Electronic Horizon

Paving the way to self-driving cars

HERE Electronic Horizon is an embedded software solution that ingests detailed road network information from the cloud to help the vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) make more intelligent and informed decisions without driver involvement. The software translates map information with detailed road characteristics into actionable data for the vehicle. This information is used to provide both the vehicle and the driver with relevant predictive information that can assist driving decisions and enhance vehicle functionality - extending the vehicle’s awareness beyond what its on-board sensors can see. HERE Electronic Horizon enables the map to act as an additional sensor for in-vehicle ADAS and highly automated driving (HAD) solutions.

HERE Electronic Horizon can be delivered as a standalone software component or bundled with other HERE solutions, such as HERE Auto SDK or HERE HD Live Map, enabling a future-proof in-vehicle technology package.


HERE Electronic Horizon provides a simplified representation of the road ahead, within a range from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. This includes the vehicles most probable path as well as alternatives paths, combined with a set of road and map attributes relevant to certain vehicle functions.

  • Precise

    Built on highly accurate and trusted map content, providing vehicles with an accurate view of the upcoming horizon.

  • Fast Time-to-Market

    Provides map content, service and software solutions to facilitate faster end-to-end delivery and innovation.

  • Future Proof

    Supports multiple HERE map and software solutions, providing a seamless connection between navigation and automated functionality.

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