HERE HD Live Map

The most intelligent sensor for autonomous driving

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and the march toward autonomous vehicles has begun. However, there is much to accomplish to instill driver trust before vehicles take control.

HERE HD Live Map is the most advanced cloud-based mapping asset to support connected ADAS and highly automated driving use cases.

The machine-readable HD Live Map allows the vehicle to “see around the corner” and consists of three rich content layers which are essential to automated vehicles making informed decisions on behalf of the driver.

HD Live Map is self maintaining - the layers are updated via a tile-based approach, allowing for real-time road network changes to be delivered over the air in a data-efficient manner.

The Road Model offers global coverage for vehicles to understand local insights beyond the range of its onboard sensors such as HOV lanes, or country specific road classification. It’s based on the HERE navigation map consisting of numerous attributes, providing distinct value that cannot be captured by vehicle sensors alone and is essential in commercial deployment of automated technologies.

The HD Lane Model provides precise, lane level detail to assist self-driving vehicles in making safe decisions for a comfortable user experience. It supports high definition lane modeling assisting the vehicle in spacing adjustments, drift corrections, speed management, safe lane-changes, and overtaking.

The HD Localization Model helps the vehicle find itself in the world by using road side objects like guardrails to speed limit signs, to bridges, to gantries that allows the vehicle to find it, measure backwards and understand its exact location.

Product benefits

HERE HD Live Map provides awareness of the upcoming road conditions beyond the reach of the vehicle’s on-board sensors.

  • The HERE benefits

    Highly accurate

    HERE HD Live Map provides precise localization for vehicles—both lateral and longitudinal—to sub-lane level accuracy.

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    Increases safety

    HERE HD Live Map extends the knowledge horizon of the vehicle, helping cars behave proactively not reactively to changes in the road network.

  • Discover the HERE benefits


    As changes occur in the road network, HD Live Map self-maintains via a data-efficient and tile-based approach.

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