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With the proliferation of GNSS-enabled devices, being able to find out exactly where you are is taken for granted. However, there are many situations where GNSS-based positioning is not reliable, for example indoors or in urban canyons. Furthermore, as new low-power IoT devices without GNSS start reaching the market at scale, alternative types of positioning technologies need to be applied. HERE Positioning can play a vital role in improving GNSS performance, as well as enable global positioning on devices without GNSS chipsets via mobile networks and WiFi signals. With one of the broadest positioning technology portfolios in the world, HERE delivers fast, accurate and global positioning services for any device anywhere, indoors or outdoors and even offline.

Industry-standard positioning enhanced with trademark offline capabilities from HERE means your customers will be able to count on reliable, fast, and accurate position information under any conditions.

Three specific HERE Positioning products help you make the most of where you are:

Assisted GNSS

HERE Assisted GNSS products can dramatically reduce your GNSS time to first fix (TTFF) by delivering comprehensive set of assistance data services as well as leveraging HERE Network Positioning to provide accurate reference locations. You can easily integrate HERE Assisted GNSS services into your device using industry standards such as SUPL, or alternatively use HERE Assisted GNSS fully offline for devices that only connect occasionally.

Network Positioning

HERE Network Positioning can determine a devices location based on mobile network and WiFi signals. This works globally, in both an online mode as well as an offline mode which is perfect for devices that need to carefully manage battery or data usage. HERE Network Positioning is available via HERE Mobile SDK, a Rest API and device-based libraries.

Indoor Positioning

HERE Indoor Positioning provides accurate positioning inside buildings, and even determine which floor you are on. It consists of the HERE Positioning SDK, survey tools for radio mapping and a cloud service for radio map generation and distribution. When coupled with HERE Venue Maps, HERE Indoor Positioning can power engaging and compelling indoor applications for both consumer and industrial use cases.

Product benefits

HERE Positioning services offer the best-in-class global positioning, with cross-platform compatibility and online APIs for use with any connected device. Positioning information any time and anywhere - even indoors.

  • The HERE benefits

    Ease of use

    Whether you need a quick way to provide positioning information to your indoor users, or you’re building a full application for phones, tablets or other connected devices - HERE has a diverse set of tools to make the job easy.

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    Our sophisticated algorithms offer increased indoor positioning accuracy and enhanced GNSS services with assisted network positioning, using a global database of hundreds of millions of cellular towers and WiFi hotspots.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Hybrid mode

    We leverage a global database of hundreds of millions of cellular towers and WiFi hotspots that can also be downloaded directly to any device for hybrid network positioning that works even offline.

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