HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning indoors

Still want to know where you are when you go inside? Locating your device’s position needn’t stop when you enter a building, nor become any less accurate.

HERE Indoor Positioning, available through HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, provides fast and accurate global positioning inside buildings using HERE Indoor Radio Mapper, and can even determine which floor you are on for a full 3D experience. Whether you’re in an office, airport, shopping mall, or any other kind of indoor venue, you can still know exactly where you are.

By integrating into other Mobile SDK services, including HERE Venue Maps, HERE Indoor Positioning can power engaging indoor applications for enterprises, governments and consumers across multiple use cases by providing a seamless indoor-outdoor-indoor navigation experience from the start until the end of your journey.

Product Benefits

HERE Indoor Positioning provides the highest levels of accuracy and coverage, and is fully customizable to suit your own needs.

  • Highly accurate and seamless positioning

    HERE Indoor Positioning detects exactly which floor you’re on for a true 3D experience, and, with our other positioning solutions, provides a complete indoor-outdoor-indoor experience, simplifying your entire journey.

  • Offline positioning

    Once you’ve downloaded the HERE data, HERE Indoor Positioning works offline, so you can continue to locate your device’s position even when you lose connection to the network.

  • Positioning anywhere – including private venues

    HERE can provide both public and private venue maps and radio maps to support both enterprise and consumer use cases, and guarantees fast deployment.

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Find out more about HERE Indoor Positioning

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