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Traffic insights that keep drivers moving

Traffic congestion hinders the ability to move people, goods and services. HERE understands that every traffic delay has a cost.

HERE Real-Time Traffic helps drivers get to destinations efficiently and stress-free. It delivers up-to-the-minute information on current traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents. It then helps drivers make the best decision about the rest of the journey by improving the accuracy of arrival times.

HERE continues to add innovative features to expand the benefits of real-time traffic reporting. We are the first traffic service to develop advanced algorithms to detect divergent speeds and report traffic conditions on a  multiple-lane level before a junction. With this latest innovation included in real-time traffic feeds, Split Lane Traffic (SLT) improves the accuracy of estimated arrival times by detecting congestion-free routes. An off-ramp could be experiencing heavy congestion while the traffic on the same road remains free-flowing. SLT measures traffic flow in such conditions and reports two different lane speeds where applicable, providing the information necessary for drivers to make informed decisions on their route.

We’re safety conscious too, with a Traffic Safety Warning feature that prompts drivers to slow down in anticipation of a quickly building traffic jam ahead, often before it becomes visible.

Product benefits

Safer roads and faster journeys start with knowing what is happening on the road in real-time.

  • The HERE benefits

    Extensive coverage

    HERE covers 100% of roads in 58 countries.

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    Rich, verified data

    Info is updated every 60 seconds using data from over 100 sources and billions of GPS probe points.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Innovation delivered

    HERE delivers industry-leading real-time traffic services based on access to comprehensive data sources and proprietary algorithms.

HERE Real-Time Traffic can save you time, money and stress.

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