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Mapping the spaces between the streets

Truly comprehensive map coverage doesn’t begin and end with the road network. What about finding your way around the ‘spaces between the streets’ – shopping malls, hospitals, universities, stadiums, factories, museums, airports and train stations, to name a few?

By using a fully-immersive 3D representation of indoor locations, HERE Venue Maps provides seamless navigation from outside a chosen venue to the exact place end users need to be on the inside. And once inside, end users are shown the best routes to navigate from one part of the venue to another. With coverage already available in nearly 15,000 locations globally, HERE Venue Maps provides industry-leading coverage of indoor and outdoor venues and has routing graphs available for all venue types.

Available with HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, in online and offline modes, this product is fully customizable to suit whatever specific needs you have. And like all our products, HERE Venue Maps uses industrially-captured, complete, and continually quality-verified data to provide the highest levels of accuracy.

Product Benefits

There are no more gaps in your mapping needs as we map not only the streets, but also the places between the streets.

  • The HERE benefits

    Efficient movement

    Large-scale venues of any type can use indoor navigation to eliminate bottlenecks and make on-foot throughput and movement more efficient.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Reduced stress

    HERE Venue Maps reduces the stress and eliminates the frustrations that end users can experience when trying to find the best way to their indoor destination.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Seamless ‘last mile’ to ‘last meter’ navigation

    Drivers can use HERE Venue Maps for seamless ‘last mile’ to ‘last meter’ navigation to a parking space and then on foot to their final indoor destination.

Benefit from comprehensive venue coverage

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