HERE Hazard Warnings

Alerting drivers of what lies ahead

HERE Hazard Warnings service utilizes vehicle sensor data to provide high-quality, near real-time notifications to drivers and ADAS applications about potential hazards on the roadways. These notifications allow the driver and the vehicle to respond proactively to mitigate the potential impact of road hazards, including slippery roads, inclement weather, accidents, and disabled vehicles.

Product benefits

HERE Hazard Warnings service delivers real-time alerts about hazards on the road ahead, allowing drivers to switch from a reactive to proactive driving style.

  • Quality

    Alerts are verified by other vehicles on the road, delivering high quality and reliable information.

  • Latency

    Despite the long loop, HERE Technologies targets a latency range of seconds rather than minutes.

  • Precision

    Fueled by real-time, rich sensor data, the validity of the hazard alerts is more trustworthy than competing mobile-based services.

See beyond what’s in front of you with HERE Hazard Warnings service

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Be proactive with HERE Hazard Warnings service

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