HERE Road Signs

Vehicle sensor data for real-time map maintenance

HERE Road Signs service uses connected cars equipped with a front-facing camera for real-time map maintenance. The service aggregates data from cars on the road to verify the map content and update it in real-time.

HERE Road Signs service provides up-to-date information about static speed limits on Functional Classes 1-5. The service is delivered to drivers via connected infotainment systems or consumed by ADAS applications, like Adaptive Cruise Control. This ensures the car is moving at the allowed speed, even in complex situations, such as when an obstacle obscures the vehicle’s camera and prevents it from capturing the road sign value on its own.

Product benefits

HERE Road Signs service uses the front-facing camera within the vehicle to provide up-to-date road sign information for connected and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) equipped vehicles.

  • Quick change detection

    With more data sources on the road, changes in the world are captured instantly, providing near real-time traffic signage updates to the driver.

  • Continuous map updates

    Recent vehicle sensor data combined with real-time location analytics allows us to deliver relevant and incremental map updates to cars on the road.

  • Meeting Euro NCAP requirements

    Cars with low-cost cameras can achieve Euro NCAP compliance if they consume real-time maps as a source of information.

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