HERE On-Street Parking

Taking the hassle out of parking

HERE Technologies is helping drivers solve a persistent problem. With HERE On-Street Parking service, drivers can find parking in a timelier manner.

HERE On-Street Parking provides drivers with Information about parking restrictions and availability. Utilizing a parking availability index, drivers can find a parking spot with a granularity of 15 minutes. HERE On-Street Parking service also provides estimates, indicating the time that the driver will need to find a parking spot on a given day and at a given time.

Building greater awareness of on-street parking options not only helps alleviate the stress of locating parking for drivers, it also impacts pedestrians and cities on a wider scale – with limited parking causing more than 30 percent of overall inner city traffic.

Product benefits

HERE On-Street Parking service takes the hassle out of trying to find a place to park.

  • Accurate

    Sensor data, local parking information, and our experience in mapmaking allows us to maintain highly accurate parking information.

  • Robust

    We aggregate historical and real-time data collected from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and consistency of on-street parking data.

  • Convenient

    Providing drivers with an estimated time to find a parking spot supports a more accurate ETA and better planned journey.

Find your next parking spot with HERE On-Street Parking

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Parking made easy with HERE On-Street Parking

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