HERE Auto Mobile SDK

A sophisticated set of location assets powering mobile companion or navigation applications

Drivers are increasingly looking to have a seamless experience across their different devices – whether it be their tablets, smartphones, computers or the navigation systems they use inside their cars.

Trip planning typically starts at home or at work, and driver demand for a navigation solution to bring them to the door step of their end destination has never been greater. The HERE Auto Mobile SDK lets OEMs develop the perfect customized mobile application for their drivers to navigate a single seamless door-to-door experience.

OEM-branded mobile companion or turn-by-turn applications allow drivers to plan trips, discover routes and save favorites before entering the vehicle. The HERE Auto Mobile SDK connects to the HERE Location Cloud, which enables seamless transition of content across devices in real-time, allowing drivers to be more efficient when making everyday journeys, without time-consuming destination searches when in the vehicle.

The HERE Auto Mobile SDK delivers the most sophisticated set of location capabilities to power the creation of mobile companion or mobile navigation application. HERE Auto Mobile SDK has been built with the highest flexibility to allow customers to create experiences with a specific UI layer for iOS or Android. Personal data is synchronized across screens and, through our automotive services, drivers get access to real-time information such as traffic, weather and more.

The HERE Auto Mobile SDK can be developed in two ways:

Companion App

Developing mobile companion applications for customers who require basic location capabilities (without turn-by-turn) in their Android or iOS application. The main use cases are mapping, positioning, search, trip pre-planning, pedestrian routing and guidance, and more. For mobile companion use cases, HERE Auto Mobile SDK assets will be used in conjunction with HERE Auto SDK embedded navigation solutions.

Turn-by-turn Application

Developing mobile turn-by-turn applications is intended for customers building high-quality car navigation solutions. The feature set is optimized for in-car usage and gives access to all guidance enhancements needed for easy driving in unknown environments. To provide first/last mile support HERE Auto Mobile SDK can provide access to pedestrian routing and full walk guidance.


Product benefits

  • The HERE benefits

    Extends Brand

    Built to allow customers to create mobile experiences with a brand specific UI layer for iOS or Android.

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    Fully flexible

    Provides mobile assets to accommodate multiple navigation use cases.

  • Discover the HERE benefits


    Management for rolling smooth application updates with a quick time to market.

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