HERE Platform Extensions

Advanced location functionality for your specific business needs

In addition to the core location functionalities offered through our Platform components, HERE gives access to specific feature sets that solve very particular mobility needs. Think of a fleet management solutions provider that needs to be able to calculate toll costs or display speed limits for a particular route, or a delivery service that needs to identify the exact route taken and driver adherence to the rules of the road based on a GPS trace.

HERE Platform Extensions allow companies to build competitive solutions for the marketplace, and provide functionality that enhances their specific solution. HERE Platform Extensions provide quick answers to complicated location questions.

HERE Platform Extensions add even more functionality to the HERE Platform for Business, giving users the power to extend functionality beyond mapping.


  • The HERE benefits

    Flexible combination of advanced features and content

    More options to meet market-specific requirements with your HERE-enabled solution

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Improved efficiency

    Services that allow customers to calculate various costs and optimize operations to provide for safer and more cost-effective trips

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Seamless development

    Smooth integration with HERE Platform services regardless of the development environment

Product Overview

  • Custom Location Extension

    Store, manage and display your custom locations on the map

  • Geofencing Extension

    Know when your moving assets enter or leave a geographic area

  • Platform Data Extension

    Integrate more enterprise-grade data into your HERE Platform-enabled application

  • Route Match Extension

    matches GPS traces to the HERE road network to determine the exact route taken, and can even provide insight into driver behavior for example by identifying speeding, restricted turns and use of one way roads

  • Toll Cost Extension

    calculates an accurate estimate of trip costs, taking into account various vehicle profiles and toll systems

  • Waypoints Sequencing Extension

    creates the optimal sequence of given set of waypoints based on time or distance traveled, and can take into account specific delivery timeslots at individual drop-off locations

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